Posted by Megan GroutJul 20, 2023

Arrested for Drugs
Arrested for Drugs in Cobb County



Did you, a friend, or a family member recently get arrested for drugs in Cobb County? Here are the answers to some common questions:

What Jail Will They Be Taken To After Their Drug Arrest?

     If someone is arrested by Cobb County, Marietta, Acworth, Smyrna, Kennesaw, or Powder Springs Police for drugs, it is most likely that they are being charged with a felony. In all felony cases, these police departments will all take them to the same place: the Cobb County Adult Detention Center on County Services Parkway. The jail is run by the Cobb County Sheriff's Office. You can call 770-429-4200, or click here: Cobb Jail Inmate Search to check to see if someone is in custody at the jail. Keep in mind it can take a few hours or more to have that person's information loaded into the system once they are arrested. 

How Do I Get Someone Out of the Cobb Jail After a Drug Arrest?

Cobb Drug Arrest
Bonds for Cobb Drug Arrests

   Once someone is processed into the jail, and their information is in the system, you should be able to look them up or call to see if they already have a bond set. Click Here: Cobb Jail Inmate Search to search for Cobb inmates. If they have a bond, you have a few different options to get them out. You can pay the entire amount (cash bond) to get them out. The entire amount will be returned to you when the case is over (assuming they don't skip out on the bond.) You can also contact a bondsman licensed to issue bonds in Cobb County. You can expect to pay at least 13% of the bond, plus additional fees, to use a bondsman. Using a bondsman is a cheaper way to get someone out of jail, but remember that you do not get your money back from the bondsman. Some bondsman will even offer payment plans, so they are often a good option for people who can't put up a full cash bond. In minor cases, a judge may allow a "UJR" bond (unsecured judicial release). This is what many call a signature bond, where you don't have to pay any money to get out. These UJR are unusual in felony cases. 

     There is one more kind of bond called property bonds. The most common is using property in the county as collateral to get someone out. On rare occasions, you can use property in Georgia (but not in Cobb) as collateral, but that process is even more complicated. You can click here: Cobb Jail Bond Information to learn a little more about bond options. 

     If you don't know who to call to get a bonding process started, call me at 404-904-2862. I am happy to give you some names of local bondsman to call to find out about pricing. 



What if Someone Has No Bond After a Drug Arrest?

     For serious cases, judges will sometimes refuse to give someone a bond initially. In these cases, you need to call a lawyer immediately. People often make the mistake of waiting to call a lawyer because they are told by the jail they have a court date in a couple of weeks. They think "I'll just wait until then and get out." They are then shocked to find out that they still didn't get a bond at that court date, even after waiting all that time! Only then do they start thinking about getting a lawyer. Lawyers like me who are experienced in working within the Cobb system know how to move things to the right courtroom as quickly as possible, and get with the right people to negotiate a bond. It is NEVER a good idea to wait to see what will happen at a court date before calling a lawyer. Those people often end up wasting weeks or months of extra time in jail.  If your friend or family member has NO BOND on a drug arrest, call me immediately at 404-904-2862 so we can discuss how I can help. 

What Can I Do To Help My Drug Case After I Bond Out?

     People are often surprised to learn that it can take many months or even years before you have a court date after you bond out. Your Cobb drug case has to be formally filed (accused or indicted) by the district attorney before the case can move forward. However, a good lawyer will talk to you about how to use that waiting time wisely to help your case. There may be things you can do to actually help your defense and you should be working on them immediately. You may also have special bond conditions that require you to meet with pretrial or get a drug/alcohol evaluation right away. If you ignore these requirements, they will revoke your bond and put you back in jail. A lawyer experienced with Cobb drug cases can guide you through how to get these requirements done and will help you if you get in trouble with pretrial supervision or with other trouble while you are out on bond. 

How Do I Know When To Go To Court For My Drug Case?

     If you gave the jail a home address when you bonded out, that is where court date notices will be sent. Unfortunately, we see problems with this all the time for people who don't have lawyers. You move, or the address you gave is entered incorrectly, and you never get notice of a court date. You end up missing court without even knowing it. Unfortunately, a warrant is then issued for your arrest, they find you and pick you up, and you end up back in jail for a much longer time. The courts make it very clear it is YOUR responsibility to give the court system your correct address and judges have very little sympathy in these situations. However, most people don't know how or when to monitor the court system for court dates or to change their address with the clerk! This is why having a lawyer with experience in Cobb drug cases is so important. My firm regularly handles Cobb drug cases and monitors upcoming court dates for my clients. I follow up with my clients to be sure they know when they need to be in court (and sometimes that they don't need to go at all!) Having a lawyer isn't just about resolving a case, it's about having someone to help you throughout the process. Felony drug cases usually last at least a year, and often have monthly court dates. That means countless opportunities to make a mistake and get yourself in more trouble by accident if you don't have a lawyer. Please hire a lawyer as soon as possible and make sure they have extensive experience handling Cobb county drug cases specifically.  I offer free 30 minute consultations. Call 404-904-2862 to speak with me directly.