Is Marijuana Legal in Georgia in 2024?

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2024 Weed Laws In Georgia

2024 Marijuana Laws In Georgia

Is Weed Legal In Georgia Now?

     The short answer is still NO for most people. Georgia is still way behind many states in legalizing marijuana. The laws in Georgia are constantly changing and the questions I get most often are about what are the current weed laws in Georgia. I want everyone to be informed so I am constantly trying to provide you as much information as I can. 

     To help people understand some of the basics about weed laws in Georgia in 2024, I created this video to give you the highlights on what you need to know:

Weed Laws
Is Weed Legal In Georgia 2024?

YouTube Video - Weed Laws In Georgia 2024


What About Low THC Oil Law Changes From 2023?     

     We did see some changes to Georgia Weed laws in 2023, which included allowing the use of law THC oil in some cases. For more information on how those laws changed in 2023: Is Weed Legal In Georgia Now (2023)? 

Have Georgia Marijuana and Hemp Laws Changed in 2024?

     There have been some developments in fight to legalize weed and with regard to hemp in Georgia in 2024. The Georgia legislature has introduced a new proposed legislation that will raise the age to buy medical marijuana and hemp products from 18 to 21. 

     There is also an ongoing fight in Georgia over whether pharmacies will be allowed to sell these products. Georgia had planned to allow people with Georgia cards that allowed the use of low THC oil to buy that oil at pharmacies. The state was already accepting applications from the pharmacies. Per the news, it appeared that over 100 pharmacies were already willing to provide the low-THC oil through one of the state's licensed providers, and the pharmacies would need to be inspected in order to be approved. While the process was moving forward, the federal government stepped in and notified these pharmacies that dispensing the oil would be considered a violation of federal law. This meant the the pharmacies and the pharmacists could be subject to arrest or fines or both. So for right now, the ability for pharmacies to dispense the low THC oil (even with the proper card) is still in limbo.

What About Other Drug Laws In Georgia for 2024?

     If you want to read through more of the specifics as to what the drug laws (or potential drug charges) are in 2024 in Georgia, you can go here to get a little more detail: 2024 Drug Charges In Georgia

What About Delta-8 and Delta-10 in Georgia?

     One question I get pretty regularly is whether Delta 8 or Delta 10 is legal and in what forms. This part of the law is one where the changes are happening quickly. You can access my most recent blog post about Delta 8 and Delta 10 here: Are Delta 8 and Delta 10 Legal In Georgia?

What Are The Laws About Edibles in Georgia in 2024?

     Sadly, the laws on edibles have not changed in Georgia recently. They remain severe. I caution everyone who uses edibles to familiarize yourself with the laws. I did an entire blogpost about how harsh these laws are, entitled Arrested for An Edible? The Shocking Truth About Georgia Law. If you want learn more about it, you can review that post here: Arrested for An Edible? The Shocking Truth About Georgia Law

How Can I Stay Informed About Georgia Marijuana Laws in 2024?

     I recommend checking back regularly and I will do my best to keep eveyrone updated. If you are looking for tips on different issues when it comes to criminal law and criminal investigations, you can go to my TikTok Channel here and follow me: Megan Grout Tik Tok - Tips on Georgia Criminal Law 

Will I Go To Jail For Marijuana In Georgia in 2024?

     This is where I have to give the dreaded lawyer answer "it depends." There are lots of things to consider when looking at a particular drug arrest for marijuana. If you are arrested for misdemeanor marijuana and you don't have much of a criminal history, you have a better chance of avoiding any real jail time beyond however much time you spent when you were first arrested. Some counties in Georgia may have diversion programs that would allow you to possibly take a drug class, pass some drug tests and do some community service and then they will dismiss the case entirely. 

     If you were arrested for a felony amount of organic marijuana or for THC products, the question of whether you will do jail or prison time becomes a little more complicated. Again, it depends on your criminal history. If you have little or no criminal history and the amount of drugs was not large, the county where your case is pending may have a diversion program that will allow you to get your case dismissed after maybe some drug classes, clean drug screens, and some community service. If diversion is not a possibility, but you have a clean history and the amount of drugs is small, many prosecutors have discretion to work with a defendant's attorney to decide on some probation. However, if your history is not clean and/or the amount of drugs you were caught with is substantial, it is possible that you may be looking at some prison time for felony drug charges or prison time combined with some probation. 

     Do NOT let your neighbors, your second cousin, or friend's sister's boyfriend try to give you advice if they are not a criminal defense lawyer in Georgia. Just because they know someone who had a drug arrest, or they had a drug arrest themselves, doesn't mean they are giving you accurate information. The details of each case are different. People's criminal histories are different. Different counties, different prosecutors, different defense attorneys and different judges can also play a large part in how your case turns out. Those friends may sound convincing but do your best not to let them convince you that they know how your case will turn out. 

     The smartest thing you can do first is not panic. Go talk to a lawyer who handles drug cases in the county where you were arrested. Experienced criminal defense lawyers who handle drug cases regularly in their county will know all the options available to you and how best to defend your case. Pick up the phone and call a lawyer or call several lawyers! Find one you feel comfortable with and let them help you get the very best result for you. Once you've hired an attorney, you'll find that a lot of your worry will go away just knowing someone is there to help you.  

     As always, if you're facing drug charges or any criminal charges in Cobb County, feel free to contact me at 404-904-2862. I am happy to discuss your case with you and quote you price and possibly an interest-free payment plan.